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Welcome to Feature Fridays!

Since this is the first of our Feature Fridays series, let me explain to you what this is all about. I am a huge supporter of handmade products and the handmade community as a whole. So, I’d like to share with you some of the different shops I have purchased from and my thoughts about their products and shop as a whole. This won’t be an every week thing (I’m thinking every 2 weeks), but I’ll feature a different shop each time. Shops could be planner shops or they might be something completely different, but still from within the handmade community. Because let’s face it, we all need and use more than planner stuff. 😉 So, that being said, I am not receiving any sort of compensation for these posts. They are my true and honest opinions. The shop owners themselves will have no idea they are going to be featured until the post goes live and I share it and tag them, which only makes this even more fun to do!

So, without further ado, let’s get into our very first featured shop, shall we? (And I’ll apologize now if this one gets long because it is one of my absolute favorites).


Keep It Simple Stickers


It all started with a sampler….  this sampler in fact. And no… I haven’t used any of it. But let me explain first….

A little over a year ago, I was brand new to the planning community. And after a few months in, I attended my very first planner meet up. The first so many people to arrive were given a few goodies including this adorable sampler. Towards the end, there were a few left so people were able to get an extra one if they wanted and I did get a second one. The other one has been somewhat used. See, I  told you to let me explain!

Anyways… I thought this sampler was the cutest, so I looked up the shop. I don’t even remember when I placed my first order, but I know after that I fell down the rabbit hole… and fast!

I remember on numerous occasions, Jackie ran some amazing sales with some unbeatable deals within it. So, I’d sometimes order 3 times in a week!

I also started watching her Instastories and quickly became addicted to those as well. And through her Instastories and responding to a few of them, Jackie and I started to get to know each other, which only made me love her shop more than I already had begun to.

I had stopped ordering so many times so close together, but in June, she did another one of those deals I couldn’t resist! So…. THREE orders within about 5 days. Yup. This picture is all 3 orders combined. I really couldn’t help it!

About 2 weeks after that set of 3 orders, I placed yet another order. Her Miss Kissed (oops) bags always get me…. They are always filled with nothing but amazingness! This was that order and the right side was my Miss Kissed bag. See what I mean? Awesomeness!

And if that doesn’t prove to you my addiction… I recently reorganized my stickers and put them into binders and sticker albums. I have 7 mini binders and handful of small albums. Keep It Simple Stickers is the ONLY shop with a binder designated JUST to her shop. All other binders have multiple shops in them. But I also have an album just for her stickers as well (which has space for maybe 3 more sheets?). 

So, now that you know how it started and that I’m addicted,the real question is… WHY am I addicted?

Her stickers are amazing! There’s just no other way to describe it. They speak for themselves. Her husband does these adorable hand drawns known as Lil’ Bit and Big Bit. They are totally unique to her shop and are just the best (see why that sampler drew me in?)! I love her kit designs as well. She offers 3 kit versions- mini, deluxe, and ultimate, so you can get what you want or need from the kit. I usually order either the deluxe or mini kits depending on funds or the sales she’s running. But either way, there’s more than enough in them to make some great spreads!

The sticker quality is fabulous too. And although her paper is non-removable, it really does come up pretty well. When I first started using her kits, I can’t tell you how many times her paper has saved my planner. I was so indecisive on how I wanted to put them down (again, still new to planning). And some boxes got pulled up so many times! But both the sticker and my planner page managed to stay in great shape without tearing. Even recently, I pulled a sticker up of hers to move it after it had been in my planner almost a week! So yeah… Jackie, if you’re reading this…. please don’t ever change your paper! 😉

Jackie is a wonderful person as well and her passion for what she does and her customer service goes a long way. These 3 sheets are my most used stickers of hers. I actually use these Lil’ Bits in my fitness planner EVERY single week (don’t judge my stickers… I use these all the time, ok? And actually 2 of those are ones I just started using because I finished off another sheet of them). I asked Jackie once if it were possible to get a sheet of just the Eating Healthy Lil’ Bit and she was very happy to accommodate me! And when I needed more, she did again! So, if you need something or want something specific, don’t be afraid to reach out to her. She’s super friendly and will take care of you!

Keep It Simple Stickers is definitely in my top 5 favorite sticker shops of all time! And Jackie is one of my favorite people in the planning community.

I’ll wrap this up by sharing some of my spreads and saying that although I sometimes secretly wish she would come to the dark side and make stickers for the Big Happy Planner, I’ll always order from her even without it. I make all stickers work in my planner if I love them enough. And hers will always have a place in my planners. There isn’t a sticker she creates I wouldn’t use (some I love but actually have no purpose for, but if I did, I’d use them).

So, if you’re looking for an amazing planner sticker shop, be sure to check out Keep It Simple Stickers! You won’t be disappointed!

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2 thoughts on “Feature Fridays- Keep It Simple Stickers

  1. Kelly K says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this shop! I too fell – down deep – into the rabbit hole with you. And am so addicted to her shop!! And I love Lil Bit and Big Bit SO much! Jackie is the sweetest! I asked if I could have a sheet of Lil Bit ‘you got this’ and she was super helpful and it is one of my top sheets! LOVE so much!! Great post!

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      Oh yes! I did the “You got this” Lil’ Bits as a separate sheet too! She really is the best! ❤

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