Handmade Monday- Cheerful Planner Girl

Handmade Monday- Cheerful Planner Girl

Welcome to Handmade Monday! This is the first of these posts since I started getting my blog back up and running, so let me first explain to you what this is….

As someone who has owned a handmade shop (of some sort) for the past 6 years, I love to support the Handmade Community. So, I’d like to share with you some of the different shops I have purchased from and my thoughts about their products and shop as a whole. When I feature the shops, it could be a planner shop, or something completely different from within the handmade community. That being said, I am not receiving any sort of compensation for these posts. These are my true and honest opinions. In fact, until these posts go live and I share and tag them, they have no idea they are going to be featured! That’s what really makes these posts special and fun to do! So let’s get into today’s feature, shall we?!

Cheerful Planner Girl

Patricia, Cheerful Planner Girl Owner

There are a few reasons why I decided to start with Cheerful Planner Girl. But rather than tell you all of them and repeat myself, let’s just jump right in. Patricia is the lovely owner of CPG and the human Glowworm. If you’re a part of TPC, you’ll understand that reference. If not, well, then just know she’s the sweetest person you’d ever meet! Since Patricia and I live within 30 minutes of each other, it’s no surprise we’ve met. In fact, we meet up at least once a month! It’s always an amazing time and just the break we both need! 😊

Mini Sneakers and Hedgehog kit from Cheerful Planner Girl

Not only is Patricia an amazing person, but her products are amazing too! I love so much in her shop, but I have 3 that are distinctly my favorites: Her mini sneakers, her date dots, and her Nixie character stickers!

Mini sneakers and Date Dots! These are well loved, but I have some back ups as you can see!

I have lost count of how many mini sneaker sheets I’ve gone through from her shop. I know it’s at least 4 or 5 and I have a few sheets that are well loved at this point. But I always keep extras on hand. Just ask Patricia… I have to get at least 1 or 2 sheets of them every time I order from her shop! But I use them every single week in my health/fitness planner! They are the perfect size to fit even in the smallest of planners like the Hobonichi weeks (even though she has an even smaller size of them now too, which I do own a sheet of and have used some from)! I do also use her date dots in a bunch of spreads. I have all 3 options she offers them in: colored, black on white matte, and black on clear.

All of my Nixie sheets!

Her Nixie Character stickers also have a big place in my planner heart. Just look at these! I sometimes forget to pull in character stickers into my spread, or use things like foiled stickers or other random stickers off of samplers, so sometimes these don’t get used as much as I’d like. However, they are fabulous! I’ve got a bunch of them, but still need more! What I think I love most about Nixie is that she is neutral and will match any spread without hesitation. Yes, different things that she does contains other colors, but they tend to be stuff that works well anyways. I tend to use the headache and migraine ones the most I think because I don’t have other stickers to represent those and unfortunately deal with them a lot.

I love plenty of other functionals and kits from her shop as well, but those 3 things are the ones I use most regularly. Here’s a picture of my last CPG Haul. If you look closely, you’ll see those 3 items in the mix. Yup… totally needed more!

Much like with my own shop, Patricia decided several months ago to switch the paper she uses in her shop. Some of what I own from her is on the old paper and some is the new. Let me just say… I’m glad she made the switch! When you put the stickers side by side, you can really tell a huge difference!

Full CPG & CPP Collab

Patricia and I decided back in October that we wanted to do a Collab together and the theme became penguins and snowflakes. It is something we worked on for a while and we decided on a December release of our Penguin Wonderland Collab Kit knowing it would be perfect for Penguin Awareness Day 🐧 (which is today)! See why I wanted to feature her now? 😉 It was so much fun working on this with her!

The Penguin Wonderland Collab kit in my EC

We both were blown away by the support of our Collab! We enjoyed this so much that we’d love to do another one sometime! Would you like to see another Collab from us? What theme(s) are you interested in us doing next?

Patricia’s shop is one of my favorites. Her quality is amazing and shipping is fast. She is also a shop that regularly participates in The Planners Collaborative sale with me, which is a great time to snag some goodies and try her out if you haven’t yet! She has fabulous PR girls as well, so be sure to check her social medias to see who they are! I hope you’ll check her out if you haven’t yet! If you have, what is/are your favorite product(s) from her shop?

Find Cheerful Planner Girl here:

Etsy Shop

Facebook Group


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  1. Patricia says:

    Oh my gosh! This is the sweetest blog. Thank you so much for your kind words and your amazing friendship! Yes I am completely surprised and can’t believe you didn’t tell me lol!!! xoxo Patricia CPG

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