Handmade Monday- DEK Designs

Welcome to Handmade Mondays! I started doing this as a Feature Friday series several weeks back, but got super busy and haven’t had a chance to get back to them! I’ve moved it to Mondays since I have moved a lot of my normal shop schedule things around a bit, so Mondays will work better for these posts than Fridays. 🙂 So in case you don’t know what our Handmade Monday posts are, let me explain!

I am a huge supporter of handmade products and the handmade community as a whole. So, I’d like to share with you some of the different shops I have purchased from and my thoughts about their products and shop as a whole. This won’t be an every week thing (I’m thinking every 2 weeks), but I’ll feature a different shop each time. Shops could be planner shops or they might be something completely different, but still from within the handmade community. Because let’s face it, we all need and use more than planner stuff. 😉 So, that being said, I am not receiving any sort of compensation for these posts. They are my true and honest opinions. The shop owners themselves will have no idea they are going to be featured until the post goes live and I share it and tag them, which only makes this even more fun to do!

So, without further ado, let’s get into today’s feature: DEK Designs!

I don’t remember when or how I first discovered DEK Designs, but I do know it was one of the first shops I found in the planning community that offers stickers for the Big Happy Planner over a year ago. And I imagine that I found her searching Etsy since I know that is where I placed my first DEK order. After that first order, I discovered their FB group and website.

Among my first order was this amazing Pink Lemonade kit shown in my planner here (boy has my planning changed a lot since then!). I have to say, I love a lot of her kits, but this is one of my all time favorite DEK kits! I actually loved the kit so much I ordered it again this year to use again sometime!

I have ordered several times since my first one on etsy, so I have quite the collection now! I have kits for all 3 sizes of Happy Planner from DEK. I used to use a Mini HP, then a Mini Recollections, now a B6 TN, but either way they work well! And I am one who makes just about any size sticker work in my Big HP. I use the Classic HP size in there all the time. I just love to have fun and be creative!

DEK’s stickers are quality and there is such a wide variety to choose from between the kits (and in several planner sizes) and functional stickers.  And I love that every order gets a cute clip in addition to the sampler (and PR sampler if you mention a PR team member)!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the foil! And I don’t just mean that sampler. I own a few of their foiled kits as well and they are just beautiful! There really is an art to foiling. Being able to create foiled kits where there are lots of foiled stickers on every page of the kit and everything is lined up well is no easy task. But DEK certainly has it mastered!

Ship times for DEK varies depending on where you purchase from them, so stay tuned to their social media to keep up with their time frames.


Here’s just a few more of my spreads using DEK kits!


Find DEK Designs online!

Facebook Page

DEK Facebook Group


Etsy (Plan2BeFab)

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