Planner Previews- Friday, March 1, 2019

Welcome to another week of Planner Previews! Let’s take a quick look at what we’re releasing tomorrow, shall we?

First up, look what’s hopping back to our shop! Our Hoppy Easter kit is returning from last year with a few slight modifications and also now in B6 sizing! I love how cute and springy this kit is and love how it looks in my Big Happy Planner!


We also have some new functional items coming! The April Wacky holidays are one of them, of course!

I also created some larger date dot sticker sheets- both a regular circle dot and a script set. Foil and clear paper options will be available.

And finally some more bill due icons- HOA, Property Taxes, and Life Insurance. These will be placed under the existing listing with all of the others. These were all results of custom requests, but I’m sure others can use them as well!


More releases to come next Wednesday before the TPC sale, so be on the lookout!




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