Planner Previews- Releases Friday, August 17

Hey guys! I finally decided it was time to start using the blog more. So today I wanted to start a new post series- Planner Previews! This is where I will sneak previews of some of the things I’ll be releasing for the week! No, it won’t be everything! This shop owner needs to keep some secrets (even from her PR team!) 😉 Lol!

The releases I’m about to show you will be going live on Friday, August 17. Some things will be available both here on the website and on our Etsy shop, but others will only be available on the site.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really ready to be thinking about fall and holiday stuff, much less designing it! People have been looking for it since July 1! Are you crazy?! It’s too hot to be thinking fall!! Lol. But I know some people plan way far in advance. So…. ready or not… I must start the fall and holiday releases! So, releases this week will begin with a bunch of oldies but goodies! Some of them have been reformatted or were never released except on samplers. And others that are coming are brand new. But either way… the holiday stuff is beginning to come out of the vault!

I was actually trying to have this next batch out last week, but life got in the way. You’ve hopefully already seen the September Monthly I released last week. But here comes the rest of the Autumn Apples Collection- the weekly kit, die cuts, and clips (which we’ll talk about in a second…)! All of this pairs perfectly with the September monthly! So, again… here comes the fall! 😉


And now for the BIG release- CLIPS!!

I decided it was time to pull out the crochet hook again. I really miss crocheting like I used to! But with my hand being unpredictable with the pain, I can’t do the amount I used to. But clips are going to be a fun way for me to still do some crocheting without completely overdoing it and I couldn’t be more excited!

The big thing to keep in mind with the clips is they will be LIMITED. They will ONLY be ready to ship. NO customs, NONE made to order, so please don’t message me asking. What is shown in the shop will be what is available. When I have time and my hand feels up to it, I will make more to replenish popular clips and new ones.

The other big thing about these is they are WEBSITE ONLY. Because of the limited factor of these, I can’t have the same few in 2 places at once. So, they will only be available here on the website.

Pictured are just a sampling of some that are coming. I do have more than this…

Well, that’s it for this week! What release are you most excited about?! Comment below!

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