Planner Previews- Releases Wednesday, September 5

Planner Previews- Releases Wednesday, September 5

You may have noticed I didn’t do any new releases last week. But that’s because they are coming early this week! We are participating in The Planners Collaborative Sale from Thursday, September 6- Monday, September 10, so I wanted to wait and release a bunch of stuff the day before the sale! So, what’s new this week? Let’s take a look!

Let’s start with the Footballs and Soccer balls. These are the perfect stickers to add to your planner to mark your sports! Whether you are marking games to watch, your child’s games/practices, or just want some cute sports deco, these will make a great addition to your planner. And at only a half inch in size, they will work well in any planner. 

These Snowflake Shopping stickers started from a custom request. Then the idea spun out of control into a whole line! I started thinking of all the places planner girls like to shop and created a bunch from there! This line features only Snowflake (not Waddles as he isn’t likely to shop at some of these places, but if you decide you need Waddles instead of Snowflake for some of them, feel free to message me and I can make it happen for you). Shopping options for Snowflake will include: Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Michaels, Joanns, and Hobby Lobby! The perfect way to mark those shopping trips! Of course I’m sure I forgot some and will probably have to make more (let me know what I forgot in the comments)!

Let me just say…. this picture does NOT do this monthly justice!! This kit is absolutely GORGEOUS in person! If you love fall, this kit is for you! And like some of our other kits, you’ll really only ever know the true beauty of it if you get one for yourself!

So… I know what you’re going to ask… “Is there a weekly kit coming to match this?” Well…. yes!! Just not in time for the TPC sale. I was hoping I could get to it, but ran out of time as my to do list kept growing! But, after the sale, you bet I’m going to get this made and up in the shop! If I somehow find time between now and Wednesday to get it created, I will. But the odds of that are very slim since my schedule is already tight this week. 

The final sneak peek at releases is the Wings of the Night Weekly! I will obviously have the matching die cuts available as well! This kit is bright and colorful as well as adorable! And if you shop during the TPC sale, all of our freebies match this kit!

Of course, there are a few other releases coming as well, which include a few more functionals and some more clips. But you are just going to have to come back and check the shop on Wednesday to see what they are! 😉

Which new release are you most excited about? Tell me in the comments below!


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