Large Sheet FOILED Penguin Poops (Oops) Stickers- NO COUPONS



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These bags include 9 sheets. These could include any FOILED sheets that are half or third sized sheets. These do not include overlays & underlays, or foiled brush strokes and journal sheets.


Some sticker sheets don’t match up to our normal quality and I won’t sell them at full price. That’s where the oops bags come in!

There are only a limited quantity of oops bags available at a time, so if you want one, you need to act fast! Since these are already deeply discounted, Coupons will NOT be able to be applied to these.

These can include a mix of stickers on white and clear matte papers and a variety of foil colors. Foil colors may also include some that have been discontinued.

These bags may include any of the following:

– Misfoiled- Stickers didn’t completely foil, leaving substantially more black spots/marks than normal sheets

– Miscut- Sheets may have cuts that are off from the sticker, leaving  some white space where it normally wouldn’t be. Most of these stickers are still completely useable.

– UNCUT stickers- When our silhouette misbehaves and is really off on cutting, I try to catch it in time and save a lot of stickers from being completely destroyed. That just means you’ll have to cut them by hand.

– Cut too deep/not deep enough- Stickers could be cut all the way through in some areas, are cut a bit too deep so could be harder to peel off the sheet, or are not cut deep enough which means you’ll have to cut by hand.

– Missing a sticker- this could be for a number of reasons including that the oops was so bad that I just removed it from the sheet.


NO COUPONS can be used since they are already steeply discounted

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