Thursday Thoughts- 2020 Planner Lineup and Blog thoughts

The Big Happy Planner has my heart. It always has since the time I started planning…..

A few years ago when I stepped into the planning world, I purchased a Big Happy Planner not knowing what I was getting. It is even the reason Craft Penguin Planner came about! If you want the whole story behind it, read our About section. At that time, it was the only planner I used for everything shop and home related.

My Planner Stack!

Fast forward 2.5 years…. now I use 5 planners daily! My Big Happy Planner is just my shop planner (we’ll get back to this in a little bit), my Erin Condren is my personal stuff planner, my B6 is used to keep track of my Admin duties for The Planners Collaborative (TPC), my Hobonichi weeks is my fitness/health planner, and I also use a pocket TN for pain tracking.

For my personal life stuff I have jumped around from being in my Big HP to a Mini HP, a Mini Recollections, B6 TN, and now the EC. I’m finally happy where it is, so I definitely plan to go back into another EC for 2020 for my personal life stuff. I thought I was happy in the B6 until I tried the EC and now I don’t think I’ll turn back from that. I never thought I’d like the EC, but the truth is, I’ve fallen in love with it!

When I became an Admin of TPC, I placed those duties inside the Big HP. I mean, it is shop related, right? The problem came down to the fact that it felt cramped into 1 box (despite the size of the Big HP) and I needed the info in a more portable fashion so no matter whether I was in the living room designing in my recliner, or working in my office, the planner was nearby and I could see what is needed. So the B6 has absolutely been the perfect solution for that. I am pretty confident I’m going to keep it there because I really like how it is functioning for me!

Next comes the Fitness/health planner…. I haven’t stayed in any one planner for this very long either. Like everything else, that started in my Big HP when it held everything. Then I moved it to a Classic HP, to a Classic HP fitness planner, to a B6 TN insert (a different weekly layout than what I use for everything else), and now finally am in the Hobonichi Weeks. I haven’t always tracked much in the way of my fitness either. So you’re looking at a year and a half- ish that I’ve gone through all of these. I just could never find the right layout. Nothing seemed to work the way I needed it to. The Hobonichi I’ve been in the longest (since March) and I’m actually finding the layout is working well for me! All of the other planners were vertical layouts and apparently it is a horizontal I need for my fitness/health stuff. Now my problem comes in with the Hobo. I love the layout, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like the planner. The paper drives me crazy. And the fact that it is getting so thick with the stickers now is beginning to concern me. So, for 2020 I will not be staying in the Hobo despite it actually working. Instead, I’m planning to switch to a B6 TN insert in the same layout. This way I can get the best of both worlds- the layout and a better paper!

I’ll keep using my Pocket TN for pain tracking like I have since I began that, so no change there either.

Now we come to where my heart aches and I’m struggling HARD…. the Big Happy Planner…..

I LOVE my Big Happy Planner! I have always loved the space it has. I once fit 2 shops worth of information into it (again, read our About section for more details). It has been a planner that has changed how I lay things out and use functionally over the past few years. I no longer have 2 shops, no longer participate in the auction groups I did for so long, and haven’t been keeping up with this blog the way I had hoped or planned. So now the way I currently use this planner, I am finding I have too much space, which is something I never thought I’d even say.

So here’s where I have to make a decision for 2020. Do I keep the Big HP and deal with the fact that I’m not utilizing the space? Or do I move into something smaller like a Classic HP or EC?

There is a 3rd option too…. if I were to keep up with this blog more I could potentially fill the unused space (at least in part) and I’d feel better about staying in it. But to do so, I need ideas. Something I can keep up with each week that you would like to read. If i kickstart this blog again and nobody reads it then I’d be back in the same situation.

This is where I need your help! The Big HP has my heart and I really am struggling with whether or not it is worth staying in one for next year. Deep in my heart I want to keep it, but I know it isn’t practical unless I fill the space. So, share your thoughts below! Keep it and get the blog going again to fill the space or move to something smaller? Got blog ideas for me? I’m open to suggestions! I’ve honestly wanted to get this going again, but haven’t had solid ideas of what to blog about for a while now so I apologize for leaving you hanging. I do value your opinions so please, please comment below!

And if you stuck it out and read this all the way to the end, thank you! 💜 Feel free to also share what planner(s) you’ll be using for next year!

18 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts- 2020 Planner Lineup and Blog thoughts

  1. Jessie says:

    I think you should keep your BHP because I really think you’ll go crazy without it. But do whatever gives you planner peace! ❤️

  2. Stefany says:

    I’ll be using my usual EC for everyday, Kitlife for school, my hobo for on the go and my TN for travels and brain dumps.

  3. Christine says:

    For me the Classic is my Goldilocks, the Big was too big and the Mini was too small. I am contemplating switching from my B6 strings to an A5 rings for my foster kitten planner but have not decided yet. One thing I have decided to do was to get a Recollections in addition to my Classic just to play with all of the extra kits that I have. I have so many leftover kits I thought it would be fun to just play, not plan, in another planner. I like the idea of you picking back up your blog.

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      I have tried the Mini HP as well and it is too small. I’ve never tried anything smaller than the Big HP for my shop, but I’ve used so many planners. I do like most of them for one thing or another, but not all work well for my needs. Having an extra planner to play is always fun! I actually have another Big HP for that to show off some of my kits that I’m not ready to use in my planner because it’s too far out, but feel like showing the kit in use would make a difference. It’s something that if I decide to change to a smaller planner, I might have to use more to get my Big HP fix!

  4. KLeb says:

    Blog ideas? Sure! How do you organize your planner? What things do I need to get started planning? What planner would you recommend for a newbie? Are Happy Planner expansion packs worth it? Other than the obvious, what planner shops would you consider to have the best customer service/products? What are you crafting?

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      Thanks! All great ideas! So maybe a Planner 101 type series? 🙂 And maybe bring back Feature Fridays? Feature Fridays was a series where I would feature other amazing shops and their products!

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      I tried that before I moved the Admin stuff to the B6. It was more inconvenient since I don’t always stay in my office where my Big HP stays. I do a lot of design work in the living room from my recliner where I’m more comfortable. Sometimes I’m in the office, sometimes I’m not when it comes time to do Admin stuff, so I like having it separately in the B6 where it can be more portable and I carry it back and forth. The Big HP isn’t very portable due to its size. When I travel too, I tend to leave the Big HP home since I’m not usually doing shop related stuff when I’m away, but still have Admin duties to fulfill. So, while I could, it’s actually more of a hassle.

  5. Kelly K says:

    I am not ready to think about my next planner…mine can be used through March…so at the moment I am sticking with what I have – a BHP and EC with a B6 TN, Micro HP thrown in. ^_^ My BHP is mainly my family duties – children and house – it NEEDs to be big – my EC is focused to just my shop and PR duties and it is just the right size but I think I will return to the CHP next year for that. I really miss my Planner Stacking and the EC is just expensive. My planners really functioned better with the stacking. So might be returning to my original way with the B6 TN thrown in because I love it so. But we will see there is still time to change my mind again. And YES!!! Blog it up girl! I love the planner 101 series idea and would love to see you share maybe how you plan? How you organize your stash? Shop stock? Or if and when you are part of sales like maybe exclusive sneak peeks that are not shared anywhere else. ^_^ You so got this!!

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      The Planner stacking certainly can be convenient having it all in one place and one planner. 🙂 Love the blog ideas! Thanks!

  6. Kym Starr says:

    Maybe a Plumb Paper (selfishly thinking so you can design monthly kits that are so hard to find.)
    Maybe blog about how you deal with your pain? You are not alone my friend.

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      Hmm…. I’ve never really looked at the Plum Planner, but I will take a look and see if it is something that might work well for me. And while I like your idea about talking about my pain, I unfortunately can’t discuss that at this time. Maybe some day.

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      Since I have all the measurements, I don’t necessarily need to have a copy of each of the planners to make stickers for them (unless something changes with the layout or sizes). But a part of why I’ve switched planners around so much over the past few years is so that I can try them out and have the sizing for use for my shop.

    • craftpenguinplanner says:

      Thanks! I had actually requested it custom from Hello Happiness Co! The owner was super sweet and went on a hunt to find a cute penguin fabric for me and that was my favorite of the ones she found. And now she has it offered in her shop! 🙂

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