Thursday Thoughts- I Failed! Let’s Celebrate! Help!

Thursday Thoughts- I Failed! Let's Celebrate! Help!

I Failed!

Hello friends! It’s been a bit since I’ve really been on here, hasn’t it? I mean, I did post 2 weeks ago….

Yeah, I admit I gave my plans for an actual blog posting schedule then failed to stick to it. 🤦‍♀️ I’m a horrible blogger. That’s why I stopped doing blog posts for so long in the first place- I couldn’t keep to a schedule. I really do have good intentions! I think the problem comes in that my schedule just doesn’t end up working for me. I schedule stuff and then get really busy around those times and then don’t actually check the monthly section in my planner and forget all about it. But I’m really going to try to be better about it! But if I fail again, please just check back in and I’ll try to rework it so that I can keep up with it! Ideally my goal is to post once a week.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s put my Blog failure aside and focus on something to celebrate, shall we?

Let’s Celebrate!

I seriously sit in amazement at how far my little shop (which is not so little anymore 😭) has come since I started it! April 1 will be CPP’s 3 year Shopiversary and never would I have ever imagined that it would be where it is today. I started out on Etsy only and then began the website in July 2018. Well, Etsy hit 5,000 sales this past week on January 6. Then a few days later on January 10, the website hit 10,000 sales!! I literally cried. My heart is full from the love and support of the Planner Community!

I can’t say that 10K came as a surprise this month because I knew it would happen during the latest TPC sale. I just wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming joy I would feel! I started planning for this before the sale so I have been gathering things for a 10K Giveaway! I am still waiting on some items to arrive, but when they get here I’ll be launching that giveaway. You’ll want to be following me on Instagram for sure for that. It’s going to be the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done! 😉 So stay tuned!


Ok, so the last thing is I need your help! I’ve had some weekly kit ideas that I have wanted to create for a while now, but there’s only one issue…. they wouldn’t have clipart… just the background papers. Why is this an issue you ask? 🤨 Well, my weekly kits have deco stickers in them and I need the clipart for those. So if I pursue creating some of these other kits, I have nothing to put in that space and I refuse to waste sticker paper! See my dilemma? 🤔

So, here’s where your help comes in… (Thank you in advance!)

What ideas do you have for that empty space? Is there something new you’d like to see in that space? Need extra of something I already have in the kit? What can I put there that would be useful to you instead of deco in those types of kits? Here’s an example of one of those pages with the deco on it so you can see how much space I’d actually have to fill. Keep in mind this area looks different for different kit sizes. This one is for EC or Classic HP, but other kit sizes either have less space or it is split on multiple sheets, so I will have to adjust accordingly. If you’re unfamiliar with what comes in my kits, here’s the full kit that sheet comes from so you can take a look. I’d really appreciate any thoughts you have on this! Drop a comment on this post below with your suggestions! I’ve been pondering this for too long with no solution and I really want to make some of these kits!

Alright, that is all I have for you today! Stay tuned to my social medias for that Giveaway and keep your eye out for our next post. It should be next week. 😉

Until next time… Waddle on! 🐧

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  1. Adreon B says:

    I’m all for extra boxes or even icons. I use them a lot so having extras is always great. Especially since they’re the types of stickers that’s it’s always nice to have extras of.

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