Thursday Thoughts- Posting Schedule & Other info

Hey Friends!

So, now that I’ve settled into the new site I wanted to take some time to get the blog going more! On my previous site for The Craft Penguin, I used to do a lot of things with my blog and I want to start back up some of what I used to do, but also some new things.

This will be a central location where I will share information (especially when it’s too long for a social media post), and even do a few other fun things, so stay tuned in! If you want to stay up to date and not take a chance at missing anything, find the Subscribe to blog section on the sidebar to your right and enter your email address in!

Blog Post Types:

As of right now these are the types of posts you will see on our blog and a brief summary about what they will be. There may be other random posts along the way as well, but they won’t fit into these categories. And who knows, I might think up another category later!

Linkups- These occur every single week on Tuesday. Unless I am on vacation or completely forget about it because life gets in the way, this will always be up each week. Linkups are a place for handmade shop owners to share a few of their creations and help build a community with other makers. By joining, shop owners not only gain free exposure for their items, they also have the opportunity to be featured giving their item(s) more visibility the following week! As long as it’s handmade, it can be added to the linkup- whether it’s planner related, crochet, sewn, jewelry, etc.

Even if you’re not a shop owner, I encourage you to check these out! It’s a great place to look if you’re searching for something handmade for yourself or as a gift! In fact, before too long, we’ll be doing some gift guide posts! If you scroll down towards the bottom, you’ll find the thumbnail images and if you click on one, it’ll bring you to the item in their shop.

Planner Previews- If you caught my post yesterday, then you already have an idea what these will be. Sneak peeks of New Releases that will be coming out! No… it won’t be every single thing I am releasing every week, but you’ll get some of the highlights so you know what to expect! I am going to attempt to remember to do these every week! They will probably be around Wednesday or Thursday depending on when releases are going up and when I have things ready.

Thursday Thoughts- I won’t lie…. these posts can seriously be anything. It might be related to the shop and important info, it might just be me rambling and emptying my brain of all my crazy thoughts! Lol. But I try to put in the title some indicator of what it’s about especially if it’s important.  (Like this post. 😉 ) These won’t necessarily be every single week. Just as needed.

Feature Fridays- If you came over from the blog on The Craft Penguin site, you might recognize this as our old Handmade Mondays! This will be a post where I will feature a shop that I have purchased items from. I will give honest feedback about what I think of the products and the shop. Shop owners will not even know they are being featured until the post goes live and I share it with them! I am not being compensated in any way to do these. It’s just a little thing I like to do to help support others in the handmade community! Some will be planner related and some might not be as I do order handmade goodies that aren’t just planner related. Again, these will not be something that occur every single week. I’m hoping to do them twice a month though and obviously… they will be on Fridays!

So,  I think that about covers the blog!

The other stuff:

The other thing I wanted to mention was our PR Deal Days! You may have noticed these the past few weeks, but since it’s still rather new, I thought I’d give you the info!

It’s quite simple actually. Each of my PR girls have their own day. They each will pick 2 featured products each week. On their day, I will put their featured products on sale for 20% off. Typically you won’t be able to use their codes on sale prices, but for that day only you can use only that girl’s code to save an additional 20% off (for a total of 40% off) the featured items. Their PR codes are still good in the entire shop any time giving you 20% off everything. During PR Deal days, you’ll notice the extra category in the shop as well so you will easily be able to see what the featured items are.

Danielle= Madhouse Monday

Sarah= HotMess Wednesday

Kelly= Hoppy Friday

Be sure to follow them on IG to grab their codes to be able to use to save (see sidebar to the right- the PR images are linked to their accounts)! And when you use their code, you’ll automatically get their freebie! Which reminds me… have you seen the NEW freebies yet?!? They were so much fun to create!

Also keep in mind I do combine shipping on multiple orders (I’d refund your shipping). So, if you want to have me wait for the end of the week to send your order out in case you want to order on multiple deal days, just let me know! I have no problems holding your order! But, please just let me know when you are finished and ready for me to ship it!

Well, I think that’s all for now! If you stuck it out and made it all the way to the end, thanks! <3 I hope you’re excited about me getting the blog going more and for our fun PR deal days!

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  1. Kelly K says:

    So exciting to see you are going to be blogging again! I miss reading your blog regularly. ^_^ Good to have you back. ♥

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