Thursday Thoughts- Updates & Upcoming

Thursday Thoughts- Updates & Upcoming

I’m not even going to lie, this is going to be one of those random Thursday Thoughts posts. I don’t anticipate it being very long, but you never know what can happen once I get going. So let’s just jump right in, shall we?

The Blog Schedule:

The biggest thing I want to address is my Blog posting schedule. Yeah…. I have failed to keep it. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking when I created it because some of the days I put are ones I am typically in hustle mode around The Planners Collaborative Sale time. And let’s be real… if I’m in hustle mode to finish things for the sale, the last thing on my mind is sitting down to write a blog post.

So here’s the new plan…. I’m going to still focus on trying to keep up with the blog more, but not on a set schedule. Thursday Thoughts posts like these (or even Monday Musings like last week if I can’t wait to say something) will definitely still be a thing. I’m going to aim for 1 or 2 Handmade Monday posts per month but I might also flip flop and do it as a Feature Friday sometimes (same type of post, but just called something different since it would be posted on a different day). As for the Planning 101 posts, I still want to do one of these per month. I’ll be honest, it’s not going to happen for February, but hopefully I can pull my brain together for March. I really will need your help with what you want to see for topics on this because I’m limited on ideas at the moment. I don’t want the series to be strictly for newbies either, but things that will help as a planner in general. You could be a more experienced planner, but want to know my thoughts and ideas on something. For example, organization tips/ideas is one topic on my list. I just need to actually finish getting my stuff more organized to be able to write that post (and it’ll likely be after my new office is ready and I’m moved into it). So what else do you want to see? Let me know below!

So in a nut shell, I want to still do posts I had set out to do each month, but not promise them on specific days. If you want to know when new posts go live, over there on the sidebar >>> somewhere towards the bottom (on mobile you’d find the sidebar stuff if you keep scrolling down), you’ll find where you can subscribe via email to get notifications. Also pay attention to my Facebook page, Group, and Instagram because I will post there too when they go up. Ideally I’d like to have a post once a week for you, but it’ll probably be more like 3 times a month.

Oops Sale!

My Oops bin was overflowing, so this Saturday there will be an Oops sale in the shop! There will be a limited number of bags in specific planner sizes (some only having 1 bag for the size) so if you want one, be ready when they go live! I have tons more foil oops bags than the regular bags. I’ll post across my social medias as soon as they go up, but it’ll be right at 7:30 pm EST. No coupons will be allowed on these since they are already deeply discounted. For the full details, see our posts on our social medias.

Just one more thing:

CPP is just over a month away from turning 3! 😱 I’ve started to work on things for this year’s Shopiversary package, but still have a long way to go. I think I’ve pinned down a theme and have a few items in mind for the package which I’ve started designing, but if you have something you’d like to see in it (type of stickers, accessories, etc), feel free to let me know below and I’ll see what I can do! As always, I’ll have packages available for all planner sizes I offer. More info to come over the next few weeks!

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Don’t forget to drop your ideas for our Planning 101 series down below along with any thoughts you have for our upcoming Shopiversary packages!

Until next time, have a great day and Waddle on! 🐧

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