TPC Black Friday Shopper Guide

Welcome to a Special Edition of Handmade Monday! This week isn’t our usual surprise shop feature post. In fact, it’s not just featuring 1 individual shop, but many! All of these shops included knew ahead and opted to take part in this, but what they don’t know is what I’m about to say for each of their shops. 😉

If you have been a part of The Planners Collaborative (TPC) community for a while, you are probably familiar at least in part with each of these shops, but in case you aren’t I wanted to take the time to showcase a few of their items and give you my personal experiences with each of them to help you as you get your cart ready for the big sale coming up November 28-December 2! All of these shops will have amazing discounts and extras, so be sure to check the announcement post in the TPC Facebook Group to see those!

Not all Black Friday shops opted to participate in this feature, so they won’t all be here, so again, be sure to check out the announcement post that contains the full list of shops, links, and sale details! The shops that are included will be in alphabetical order by shop name. Shop names will be linked to their shops and photos will be linked directly to those items. This post will be longer than normal for sure, but I encourage you to read through to the end! So, without further ado, I present to you the Black Friday TPC Shops!

Cheerful Planner Girl

This is Patricia, the glow worm. The sun shines out her bum! 🤣

Cheerful Planner Girl is owned by the lovely Patricia. I have ordered from her many times so far. Her quality is always amazing, ship times are fast, and Patricia is absolutely amazing to work with!

One of my favorites from her shop is the tiny sneaker stickers which I use to track my steps each week in my Hobonichi. But look at these new weekly step tracker boxes she recently added! Aren’t they fabulous?! If you track your steps, these are perfect for you! It’s something I might even try to switch up my norm a bit!

Habit trackers…. we all use them for something. But have you ever had a hand drawn one?! Me either! But now you can with these ones from her shop! Pair these with icons and scripts for the perfect way to track all the things you need to on a weekly basis. And if you didn’t know, she offers a wide variety of icons (and mini ones) as well as scripts that you can snag all at once! Her shop has so much more to offer as well, so be sure to check it out!

Clippy Chick Creations

Clippy Chick Creations is owned by the fabulous Karen. Her shop is hands down my favorite accessories shop. In fact, before I tried her shop I didn’t use clips and didn’t have fun pens. Now my clip and pen collection have grown so much that I have to slow down on ordering because I have no space for more! 😂 If you’re looking for quality clips, or fun pens to use with your spreads, this is where you go. Just be warned, if you haven’t gone down the accessories rabbit hole yet, you’ll fall fast after your first order!

The Tiffany Blue Bow is one of her most popular bows. It represents Karen’s favorite style brand and adds just enough glam and elegance to any planner or notebook. It’s definitely one to check out during the sale! So, why don’t I own one of these yet? 🤔

Pens, glorious pens! Clippy Chick has a wide variety of pens in Gel ink, felt tip, and ball point. So no matter what you prefer to write with, she’s got you covered! Her pens have become popular icons of the TPC community (Albino flamingo, #Huffthepen #Savetheotter just to name a few).
Karen will have a bunch of clips, bows, charms, planner pockets, and pens, along with lots of exciting freebies for the sale and these popular Dinosaur pens will be restocked! If you have suggestions and customization requests, feel free to reach out to her!

Craft Penguin Planner

Waddles Mail Truck

CPP is owned by, well…. me (I’m Jennifer for those who may not know me)! I’m the penguin obsessed one. I take pride in my speedy ship times and quality. During normal days I typically ship same/next day. During sale times it does take me a little longer due to the volume of orders, but they are all still generally out within a week (2-4 days on average from when you order during the sale). Despite speculation in the TPC community, my husband doesn’t drive for USPS, but he is a trucker. 😉

Custom Bitmoji Stickers

One of my most popular items is the Custom Bitmoji stickers. These are something I personally love to use in my own planners because it’s me! And there are so many options out there I can literally have a Bitmoji for anything! Not only are these something I personally love to use in my planners, they are one of my favorite things to create. I love to see what people choose and how they use these! They are available in different sticker sizes as well as sheet sizes so you can get exactly what you need to fit your planner. While it may seem like a lot at first, it’s very easy to order. Just check the description for the details!

If you are a lover of foil, you’ll want to check out our icon mix sheet. Likewise, if you’re new to using foil, this icon mix would be my recommendation to try before you fully dive in. In the words of Caitlin, “It has everything you’d actually want or need to use.” And that really was my intent in creating it. I also have these icons (and more) on separate sheets if you find there are some you need more frequently. And with 11 foil colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that can match any week in your planner! I do offer some foiled weekly kits as well (available in 6 planner sizes).

Inspire Ever After

Inspire Ever After is owned by the lovely Lidia. I’ve more recently become obsessed with her shop. But then again, she has these adorable penguins and like I said a minute ago, I’m penguin obsessed. She’s got a ton of positive affirmations as well and I’ve even been using a few of those. Her stickers are pretty much all hand drawn and they are just amazing! Her ship times aren’t super fast, but her products are totally worth the wait.

Lidia has some really cute hand drawn kits and this Love at First Light kit is one of them. Her kits come in multiple planner sizes and in a la carte so you can get just the sheets you need if you don’t need the whole thing. I loved using the TPC Squad kit she has and just recently got the Christmas Night kit which is a penguin kit with a similar feel to this one.

The hot cocoa shelf is just one of a bunch of shelf stickers that she has available now! I have found these to be fun, functional, and unique all at once. They aren’t something I’ve seen elsewhere, which makes them even more cute and irresistible!

For extra fun and freebies, join her Facebook group and find her PR team!

Keep It Simple Stickers

Keep It Simple Stickers is owned by the wonderful Jackie. My Jackie. ❤ I found Jackie’s shop within a few months of her opening so I’ve seen her shop grow. Hers is one of my absolute favorite shops of all time. I cannot say enough about how much I love her stuff! The Boo (her husband) hand draws all of the characters in her shop, while Jackie designs and creates everything. KISS is really a family affair.

Jackie’s kits come in Erin Condren or Happy Planner Classic size for both weekly and monthly kits. Oh, and she even has Hobonichi size now! Her new Snowy Scenes collection is stunning and I’m going to have to have it. Much like I’ve had to have nearly every other kit she’s ever made (yes, seriously). I use her kits in all my planners, even my Big Happy Planner. I just love them! Her full kits seriously have so much in them and you’ll have stickers leftover to do another spread. You can get her kits a la carte too if you don’t need all the sheets.

The Husband Contemplation stickers…. these are literally the best! One of the TPC giveaway winners one month requested this and the Boo did amazing drawing it. Luckily for my husband, I don’t use them frequently, but I do have them in my stash and have used them. Other people I know though, have gone through sheets of these. This is not something you’ll find anywhere else folks! Be sure to grab yours if you have a husband who irks your last nerve sometimes.

Mumsy & Bub

Mumsy & Bub is owned by the amazing Katya. I will start by saying that I’ve never owned any of her products, so I can’t tell you much from personal experience. But what I can tell you is I have heard nothing but amazing things about her shop! She offers cruelty-free TNs, ring-bound planners, washi tape, unicorn sticker paper and planner accessories. I have heard that her shipping times are great too even coming all the way from Australia!

Katya has a wide variety of Weeks Covers in both solid and candy spine options. From what I’ve heard these fit both the Hobonichi Weeks and PP Weeks perfectly!

She also has B6 Hybrids that are rings & strings planner covers that fit personal wide, B6 slim, and B6 wide inserts. She has other sizes as well, so you’ll have to go check out her shop if you are on the hunt for a new TN cover! I know listening to Caitlin talk about her covers and seeing them in her videos, they are quality made and well worth the investment.

Perfect Prints Co

Perfect Prints Co is owned by the fabulous Erin. Hers is another shop I’ve ordered many times from and have never been disappointed! When I was using a Mini Recollections, her vertical weekend stickers were my absolute favorite stickers because they work well in that planner. You know, I should really try them in my B6. Hmmm…. 🤔

I have to say lately I’m loving her kits! She has both weekly and monthlies in a variety of formats, so no matter what planner you have, you are likely to find something in her shop that will fit! Her foiled EC and Classic HP kits are by far her top selling kits. And I’m not surprised. They are gorgeous! I have one I’ve been hoarding for a while now. Her foiled kits are printed on glossy paper and while I personally am not a huge fan of glossy paper, I’m willing to get over it for her lovely kits. She does offer kits on matte paper as well, but only if they aren’t foiled. And I’ll just say the quality is still amazing on the matte paper.

If you’re a Hobonichi Weeks user, this is for you. This hand drawn pencil board is sized perfectly for the Hobonichi and doubles as a bookmark. It is made with cardstock and thick lamination to be durable for daily use. I honestly love it, but don’t personally have one. And that’s only because I’m not in love with my Hobo and don’t plan to keep it next year. Otherwise I’d have snatched up one of these when they were first released. The way she designed this actually adds to the functionality of it because you could use a wet erase marker on it and clean it up each week to use again!

Pink Limeade Designs

Pink Limeade Designs is owned by the amazing Lana. I’ve only ordered from her a few times so far, but what I have is wonderful. She has kits, functionals, jumbo clips, and more. One thing I particularly love about her sticker sheets is that she includes a washi strip on the edge of them all. What a clever use of space!

One of her best sellers is these HP Jumbo clips (#Jesustakethewheel). I don’t know much in terms of Harry Potter, but I know her jumbo clips are pretty awesome because I have some with penguins on them. She has hundreds of design choices for her jumbo clips, so even if you aren’t a HP fan, there’s certainly one that will catch your eye. They are about 4″ long and are sturdy so can not only grip pages in your planner, but are awesome for books you are reading or holding papers together. If you want to gift these to someone, she has options for packaging in sets of 4-5 or even individually so leave her a note at checkout if you have a preference on packaging!

If you grew up in the 90s these foldable stickers are going to take you right back to the days of passing notes. They are drawn so that it resembles a fun folding style of the 90s, but they fold in half to hide information in your planner.

Plan with Peggy Co

Plan with Peggy Co is owned by the fabulous Peggy! Her shop is another one I adore! Her products are amazing quality and she has fast shipping too. And the paper she uses is a dream…. so buttery smooth…

My favorite stickers from her are these hydrate trackers. While I have others in my stash, hers are the only ones I actually use now! They fit so perfectly in the Hobonichi which is what I use for my health/fitness planner.

Her kits are truly amazing as well and she has multiple kit sizes available: EC, Classic HP, Hobonichi and Print Pression Weeks. One of my favorites is the Spooktacular kit she has for Halloween. It’s monochromatic and just beautiful. I actually loved it so much I used it 2 years in a row! And if she has it again next year, I’ll probably use it again! But check out these beauties! These Boots are Made for Walkin’ kit is unique and fun. The Winter Blooms weekly kit is so pretty! I can only imagine how beautiful these spreads would be.

Plannin with Manny

Plannin with Manny is owned by the lovely Amy. Her shop is made up of products that are entirely hand drawn. They are drawn by her husband, and their dog, Manny, is the inspiration behind it all. I’ve ordered a few times from Amy’s shop and I love everything I’ve gotten. I’ve even ordered a few oops bags and looking at them I can’t even tell what the oops are on most of them! A few months ago I realized I needed a birthday kit last minute and ordered from her and it arrived in plenty of time for me to use it for my birthday week. So, she’s another one with quick shipping.

With winter around the corner and the temperatures already dropping, it’s no surprise this is one of their most popular winter designs. I mean, it’s freaking cold, right?! And so many places have had snow already too. Do you want to build a snowman? You’ll need these stickers to mark it in your planner!

Plannin with Manny is working on a website! And the good news is it should be up in time for the sale, so you would be able to earn Mannybuck Points!

The Sticker Patch

The Sticker Patch is owned by the fabulous Melissa. I’ve only ordered from her I think twice so far. And what I’ve gotten, I love (and have been hoarding 🤣). I totally need to make a point to use some of it soon. I can say I’ve used some of her stickers off of samplers though. The quality is amazing and I love how bright the colors are.

She has full and mini kits available in EC as well as PP Weeks, and Hobonichi Weeks kits. Check out this fabulous I’ll Be Home kit! This makes me wish I had a PP Weeks. But then again, I’m the type that makes any kit work in any planner. And what can I say about the Be a Rainbow kit other than I know what’s going on my wishlist! It’s gorgeous! *Adds to cart* I can only imagine how vibrant it is in person! I’ve always been drawn to rainbows and bright colors, so this kit is a must have!

Her shop will be 50% off during the sale with new freebies each day so be sure to check her shop out!

Tilly Bee Plans

Tilly Bee Plans is owned by the lovely Elizabeth. Her shop is one I have yet to order from, but it’s coming. I have done swaps with her and have samplers from her that I’ve used and I can tell you she uses the nice unicorn paper. I have a few kits from her sitting in my cart waiting for me to order them. Polar Pals and Rustic Poppies are at the top of my wish list!

If you’re still looking for any Christmas kits, check out this beauty! The Lux Christmas kit is stunning! And this Brave, Loyal, Wise, and Cunning kit gives me the feeling it’s another #Jesustakethewheel moment…. 🤷‍♀️ At least that’s what I’ve gathered from posts I’ve seen of people using it or talking about it. I don’t know much in terms of Harry Potter.

Her kits are available in vertical, mini vertical, horizontal and Hobo weeks, but she’s also adding PP Weeks in time for the sale! In addition to her kits, she has a wide variety of other items such as character stickers, functionals, foiled stickers, and script.

Cllk09 (AKA Caitlin)

Ok, let me just say that Caitlin has no idea I’m even putting her into this. She doesn’t have a shop nor will she ever have a shop (her words, not mine), but she’s a major part of TPC and I can’t leave her out of this. I even had the pleasure of meeting her in person during the Virginia Beach TPC Meetup. She’s such a fabulous person! ❤

Caitlin is not only a TPC admin, but she is a PR for many of the participating shops. Oh, and she’s the best worst YouTuber (again, her words, not mine). 😂 It is her OCD that really keeps TPC so organized. She works hard to ensure that we have a pinned post with the list of shops, links, discounts, and all the charts of product offerings, and this month the extra daily deal charts. She brings all the fun to the Big Ol’ Live (which I most certainly look forward to every month)!

Caitlin really has become a huge part of all of our lives in the planning community through her videos and all she does for TPC. It’s because of her we have so many of these inside jokes and #Caitlinmademedoit really is a thing. If you aren’t following her, follow her Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube Channel for even more fun!

So, Caitlin, I think I speak for the whole community when I say Thank you for all you do! Oh, and one more thing…. Don’t use pens as Drumsticks. 😂🤣

TPC Mailers & Boxes

Just a quick reminder on Boxes & Mailers…. Boxes are completely sold out. There will not be any available during the sale. But we will have a restock on the mailers, so you can grab that during the sale for sure!

That’s a wrap…

And that’s a wrap on this shopper guide! I do hope you’ll check out all of the fabulous shops in the sale this month. Even the participating shops not featured here are all wonderful so be sure to check them out too! I hope this gave you a little insight into each of the shops and the things they offer. I wish I could spend more time for each one, but then this post would be forever long. On behalf of all the shops, thank you for taking the time to read through all of this! Happy Black Friday Shopping!

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Until next time, Waddle on! 💜🐧

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