Where it all began…

Craft Penguin Planner all started as a direct result of my previous shop, The Craft Penguin. I had started to get busy to a point that being more organized was a necessary thing to get everything done in a timely manner. I had seen some of my friends starting to use planners and share about them, so I decided it was time to invest in one. When I went to Michaels to grab one, my store only had 2 choices. both in box sets. I chose based on which cover I preferred. Little did I know what kind of monster that would create…

I honestly had no clue about anything planners when I bought mine. I quickly found out I had chosen a Big Happy Planner. The other one I didn’t choose, was a Classic. But with the purchase of the larger one, I also quickly found out that most people don’t create stickers sized for it. So, I decided I could make some for myself and a close friend of mine who happened to buy the same planner as me that same week.

So, I began designing some stickers for my friend and I to use. And believe it or not, I really enjoyed it! I’ve always enjoyed designing things, but never really thought too much about it.  After about a month of making stickers for my friend and I, it hit me…. If Big Happy Planner stickers are hard to find, and I’m making them for myself anyways, why not sell what I’m creating so others could use them too?!?

And Bam! Just like that, CPP was created on April 1, 2017. In coming up with a new shop name, I wanted to piggy back off of my crochet shop. But since it was to be a Planner shop, I felt that “planner” needed to be in the name. Hence: Craft Penguin Planner.

Unfortunately, shortly after that, my hand started being in a lot of pain on a regular basis and I could no longer crochet the amount I was. So CPP became my main focus and I had to close The Craft Penguin down.


My Mission:

When I learned that there was a huge gap in what was created for the Big Happy Planner, I also learned that kits for the big are not created equal to that of other more standard sizes like Classic Happy Planner or Erin Condren kits. So, when I started CPP, I set out to bring equality to Big Happy Planner kits!!

You will find that all of our Big Happy Planner kits have the same amounts of stickers as our smaller size planner kits. There aren’t less full boxes or less of the other essential stickers because of the larger size. The sizing just means it requires more sheets.