Thursday Thoughts- Updates & Upcoming

I’m not even going to lie, this is going to be one of those random Thursday Thoughts posts. I don’t anticipate it being very long, but you never know what can happen once I get going. So let’s just jump right in, shall we? The Blog Schedule: The biggest thing I want to address is Read More

Planning 101- Where do I even begin?

Back when I was looking at bringing back the blog, the idea of a Planning 101 series came up. And I loved the idea! So, with this series I’ll go through some different things that might help planner newbies or even some that have their footing and looking for other ideas for things. Currently I Read More

Handmade Monday- Cheerful Planner Girl

Welcome to Handmade Monday! This is the first of these posts since I started getting my blog back up and running, so let me first explain to you what this is…. As someone who has owned a handmade shop (of some sort) for the past 6 years, I love to support the Handmade Community. So, Read More

TPC Black Friday Shopper Guide

Welcome to a Special Edition of Handmade Monday! This week isn’t our usual surprise shop feature post. In fact, it’s not just featuring 1 individual shop, but many! All of these shops included knew ahead and opted to take part in this, but what they don’t know is what I’m about to say for each Read More