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Functional Oops bags contain 9 sheets of functionals which could include characters, deco, scripts, or literally anything under the functional section of the shop. I’ve also stuffed some extra samplers into these bags as well (some are oops, some just extras). These do not contain foiled stickers.

These bags include quarter sized sheets only.

Some sticker sheets don’t match up to our normal quality and I won’t sell them at full price. That’s where the oops bags come in!

There are only a limited quantity of oops bags available at a time, so if you want one, you need to act fast! Since these are already deeply discounted, Coupons will NOT be able to be applied to these.


Each bag may include any of the following:

– Miscut- Sheets may have cuts that are off from the sticker, leaving  some white space where it normally wouldn’t be. Most of these stickers are still completely useable.

– UNCUT stickers- When our silhouette misbehaves and is really off on cutting, I try to catch it in time and save a lot of stickers from being completely destroyed. That just means you’ll have to cut them by hand.

– Cut too deep/not deep enough- Stickers could be cut all the way through in some areas, are cut a bit too deep so could be harder to peel off the sheet, or are not cut deep enough which means you’ll have to cut by hand.

– Misprinted- The print quality isn’t up to normal standards.

– Resized/redesigned/tester sheets- Some stickers are perfect just the way they are. The only problem? I resized them or changed something about them after printing and cutting them. Or I was testing a new design and changed something about it before it was released.

– Missing sticker- Something wasn’t right with that one sticker and I pulled it off or it was used in demo.

– Samplers- These could be a mix of samplers that have other issues noted above or just past month samplers that I had extra of.

– Extras- Since I allow orders for individual sheets of a kit or the whole kit, sometimes I end up with random extra sheets, so they get put into the oops bags!

Bags may contain any/all paper types offered in the shop. These could include: standard matte, Unicorn paper, or clear matte.

*You will not receive any duplicates within a single bag. If you order more than one bag, duplicates are likely.

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